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Statement 28/03/17: Professional Bowls Performance Coaching 

We have had a number of queries regarding the establishment of a new coaching organisation offering services to bowlers.

Coach Bowls would like to clarify that ‘Professional Bowls Performance Coaching’ is not an associated body of Coach Bowls, Bowls England or English Indoor Bowling Association. It is not run by Coach Bowls Qualified coaches and is not endorsed by the organisations and has not approached Coach Bowls in any official capacity.

There is no conflict of interest at the present time between the organisation and Coach Bowls, as Coach Bowls currently does not offer direct coaching to players. Coach Bowls offers training to coaches who may also be in a position to offer appropriate coaching to performance bowlers.

Statement: Coach Bowls

As agreed in 2016 with Sport England and the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) the transition of coaching to the member National Governing Bodies will be effective from April 1st 2019. This transition forms part of a long-term sustainability plan to ensure that coaching is embedded into the sport.

From 1st April 2019 responsibility will move across to English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA) and Bowls England (BE) who have made a joint commitment to continue to support and develop coaching for the benefit of the sport.

Both British Crown Green Bowling Association and English Short Mat Bowling Association will continue to support Coach Bowls and to encourage all their coaches to move across to the nationally recognised qualifications.

The BDA and the member National Governing Bodies have been working towards a smooth managed transition over the past twelve months and will continue to do so over the remaining four months.

“Coach Bowls” remains under the direct management of the BDA until 31st March 2019.

The BDA will continue to deliver its’ “Play Bowls Strategy” through to March 31st, 2021.

Early next year information will become available from Sport England regarding applications for further funding to take the BDA through to March 31st, 2025.

Finally, as per the joint statement issued by BDA, EIBA, and BE on 1st August 2015, Coach Bowls is and continues to be the only recognised bowls qualification for flat green indoor and outdoor bowls.

Further details about the progress of the transition will be released in early January 2019.

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 June 2019 16:03